Our History

Our company was founded in 1994 under the name of Benay Textile; Luxury Belinay in 1998 with the change made without compromising our essence by using only the highest quality materials and flawless workmanship with the needs of our esteemed customers; We aim to earn your satisfaction by updating our designs with our comments and offering our products that add color, excellent quality and comfort to life.

Our Mission

As Belinay Laundry, our mission is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by keeping the comfort, health and elegance of our valued customers at the highest level.

  • As a company that adds value to its employees and suppliers, with its personnel who love, own, honest, develop themselves, share their knowledge and are conscious of working efficiently;
  • To keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level while making quality and real production in hygienic environment and conditions,
  • To use natural resources in the most appropriate way and to leave a livable environment for future generations by preventing environmental pollution,
  • To meet customer expectations at the highest level and to protect our brand value.

One of the important tasks of strategic procurement is to select the right suppliers for the company to reach its targets.

After selecting the right supplier, eri Supplier Relations Management ”comes into play.

Our company’s purchasing specialists plan and carry out the necessary studies for continuous improvement and selection of the best quality service and goods.

We apply a system where we can provide information in the best way. We take care to offer the highest quality products to our customers in the wholesale and retail product sales. Please contact us at magaza@belinay.com email address.

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